2nd Big Data & Performance Management in Shipping 2016

Recunnect’s 2nd Big Data & Performance Management in Shipping 2016 Conference : The Big Data & Performance Management industry is in an advanced stage of metamorphosis. At a time when environmental concerns and energy prices remain high, savings on fuel can make a significant improvement to margins. Instant, accurate information on fuel consumption and routes can mean the difference between winning a customer and letting them go to a competitor. Meanwhile, increasing levels of automation and onshore vessel control are presenting opportunities to further reduce operational expenditure.

Big Data in Shipping is the panacea to multifaceted real-time issues engulfing the shipping industry. Through accurately processing, analysing and presenting the volume, variety, velocity and the veracity of complex data into logical and actionable modules for optimising organisational efficacy, Big Data will help shipping companies to improve their profitability through data analysis

We welcome you to be a part of Recunnect’s 2nd Big Data & Performance Management in Shipping Conference on the 21st September 2016 which brings together industry experts discussing and debating on the below topics:

  • Assessing performance and monitoring data to ensure optimisation operation
  • Big Data- Future Vision for the Shipping Industry
  • Unmanned Ships- Exploring the possibilities and assessing the issues
  • Big Data in Aviation/Automotive and Shipping- Comparing the challenges and opportunities
  • Cyber Security- Potential Risks and Solutions
  • How are leaders using Big Data analytics for enhanced decision making