3rd Big Data & Performance Management in Shipping 2017

The contemporary Shipping Industry is meandering through a whirlpool of challenges. The accurate exploitation of complex data thus could help in electing the apropos route in times of crisis, account for ensuring the safety of the crew and the cargo and could also facilitate in cutting costs, reduce carbon footprint and gain customer confidence, delivering optimum performance in times of dire straits.

The evolutionary changes and the expeditious technological headways in the Big Data is all set to take the Performance Management in Shipping industry by storm. Now is the time when the shipping industry is ready to embrace and exploit the remarkable potentiality of the Big Data Industry with respect to processing and analysing huge amounts of complex data to churn out profitable and amicable solutions both for the industry and the environment.

Join us at Recunnect’s 3rd Big Data & Performance Management in Shipping 2017 on the 15th November 2017 wherein our industry experts will navigate you through:

  • Big Data – Maximising efficiency and Performance in Shipping.
  • Cyber Security – Analysing and identifying the risks and threats. Policies and guidelines.
  • Big Data Challenges & Opportunities.
  • Digital Transformation – Innovation and Opportunities via digitalisation.