Maritime Events

A global shipping industry requires global solutions. Our Maritime events 2017 in UK brings light to different aspects of energy efficiency, Big data and performance management in the maritime industry.

The annual Energy Efficiency in shipping conference showcase the range of options available to improve your operational profiles, new eco and retrofit designs applying the latest technologies along with performance fuels to ensure you have a fleet optimised for energy efficiency. The efficiency measures that fit each vessel type and business model to remain compliant and competitive. Ensure you steer your business forward with the latest innovative, technical and operational strategies. The Big Data and Performance Management in Shipping examined what ship owners are looking to get out of their data and new systems and how to use big data for performance improvements on ships. The knowledge of on board, AIS, weather and satellite data that can be analysed to reduce fuel consumption. How the major shipping companies are doing with predictive maintenance and what payoff they’re seeing from it and the future potential of data use for performance optimisation.